Infrastucture Case Study 2: MERSEY VIADUCT, WARRINGTON

Attridge had to guarantee both speed and safety to secure a project to erect scaffolding for workers shot blasting and painting the Mersey Viaduct in Warrington. The impressive viaduct carries both the arterial West Coast Mainline and local services and Network Rail estimated the cost of closure to be £10,000 per hour - so the ability to save on project time offered massive cost benefits.

Using HAKI system scaffold, Attridge estimated it could complete the work in 15 man days - just one third of the time it would take using tube and fittings. The unique HAKI erecting method also meant the scaffold could be constructed without the need for workers to ‘hang outside’ the construction.

In the event, Attridge Scaffolding complete the scaffold erection a staggering 40% faster than even HAKI had anticipated, met all the safety requirements of the job and secured major cost savings for Network Rail.