Company Policies

It is the policy of J.F.E. Attridge to adopt disciplines that will enable us to develop and to provide a continuing quality of service to our customers. The processes that we have in place means that we can measure our performance throughout the organisation and effect a programme of continual improvement and customer satisfaction. 

Adobe AcrobatHealth & Safety Statement  (274kb)                          Adobe AcrobatEnvironmental Statement  (262kb)

Adobe AcrobatRail Statement (12kb)                                                Adobe AcrobatCHAS Certificate (237kb)                                       

Adobe AcrobatNASC Certificate (157kb)                                          Adobe AcrobatUVDB                                      

Adobe AcrobatConstructionline (107kb)                                            Adobe AcrobatSAFE  Contractor                                                           

Adobe AcrobatBarhale Supplier of the Year 2011 (24kb)                  Adobe AcrobatISO Statement (113kb)                                     

Adobe AcrobatISO 9001 2014-2017 (113kb)                                     Adobe AcrobatCIRAS   

Adobe Acrobat Simian Risk Management                                          Adobe AcrobatSMAS

Adobe AcrobatRISQS